filipino restaurant

4 Charlotte Street


London w1t 2lp



0207 580 6551

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 13    Bangus            Milk Fish                                                                        9.95

                   Marinated fillet of milkfish in oriental spices.Deep fried               


13 A  Inihaw na Bangus -  grilled whole milkfish stuffed with onion,tomato       15.95

             lemongrass &seasoning. Wrapped in banana leaves


14   Pinasingawang Isda    Steam Fish                                                         15.95

                           Steamed fish flavoured with ginger & spring onion in a lightly sauce.

15        Guinataan Isda   Fish in Coconut sauce                    

              Fillet of St.peter fish(tilapia,pla-pla)in coconut sauce with lemongrass         

16   Rellenong Alimango    Stuffed Crab                                                     10.95

           Stuffed crab shell with sautéed crab meat,kumara,young coconut & spices

                         Topped with wine & spicy sauce.


17      Guinataan Alimango      Crab with Coconut sauce                               10.95

                   Dressed crab on its shell with youg coconut ,Kumara. Topped

             with spicy coconut sauce.



18      Prawn Sampaguita       Sweet Spicy Prawn                                        10.15

                Large king prawns braised in red wine & spicy chilli sauce


19     Inihaw Na Hipon    Grilled King Prawns                                                 9.95

                 Charcoal grilled  prawn marinated in Filipino spices & herbs.


20       Guinataan Hipon     Prawn in Coconut sauce                                        10.15

                      Large king prawns with red pepper in a creamy coconut sauce.


21    Kare-Kareng Isda                                                                                  9.95

                     Fish stew in peanut sauce  with banana blossom or bamboo  shoot


22      Rellenong Pusit      Stuffed Calamari                                                   10.95

                    Whole squids stuffed with seafood,chestnuts & spices.


23      Adobong Pusit   Squid in South Sea Sauce                                            8.95

                   Whole calamaris cooked in palm vinegar,tomato & spices.

23A      Escabetse     Sweet & Sour                                                                9.95

                         Fried Tilapia in sweet & sour sauce.Filipino style.